Meet the people behind Ãra

Hey everyone! Here is your opportunity to meet the great talent behind your favorite comics by wildfire known as Ãra at the Lagos comic con 2017.

Venue: Neca house,Plot 2A,Hakeem balogun street,Central business dustrict,Alausa,Ikeja, Lagos state Nigeria.

Date: 16th September 2017.

Be there!!



If there is one game aside candy crush i played with all my heart,it would be temple run. I’m not an acute gamer though i sometimes do it for leisure but this game in particular paints out the picture of the minds of our politicians and the powers behind. The runner paints a picture of a common man who seeks power,along the way he acquires wealth,fame and other goodies life might offer but he will always be on the run for safety as the monster won’t stop till he has fallen. Though the running man is tensed yet he still grabs all the coins he can and try to reach for safety away from the chaser who won’t stop. The running man is the politician and the monsters will always chase after him.

Nigeria politics could be best described as a crazy maze,you struggle to get up there only for you to realise getting there doesn’t keep you there. Majority of our politicians if not all could testify the great role godfatherism has played in each of their political achievements,though some scale through with little or no help but surely you must have ‘ long leg’ a common term we use instead of connection. We are aware of some politicians who have their children or grandchildren still swimming in politics after they are dead,even some contest offices with their kids and in some case we have a father being a governor,his wife a senator and a son a local government chairman or minister,which makes it a family affair.

Godfathers have really helped hopless political candidates become office holders due to their influence yet it has been a cause of nightmare to the same candidates they claim to help.

We have had cases where a party manisfesto clashes with the the candidates own vision.
As the game implies,the moment you grab the mantle of political office you automatically subscribe to the chasing monster. Have you ever wondered why our politics is most time selfish?

Why inspite of the difficulties they stiil gather more wealth?

                       By: Marvis Emmanuella

Happy  birthday daniella diamond

I want to use this medium to wish this wonderful, intelligent and cool damsel. I met her for not more than two hours but I just wished I had known her befpre then and hoped I had more time with her.

Dear! Thank you for showing me that age is not a limit.. the way u handle issues is exceptional. .. and I wish you the best in your endeavors. .

Happy birthday Daniella Diamond.! Happy Birthday Bose

BREAKING: Commotion As Buhari’s Chief Of Staff Makes Himself The Acting President, Shuts Osinbajo, Amaechi, Out Of Villa

Emerging report reaching Post-Nigeria, has revealed that Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Muhamamdu Buhari, has designated himself as the Acting President, by intentionally inserting the clause “National Coordinator” referring to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, in Buhari’s letter to the Senate, before Mr President embarked on another medical vacation, last Sunday.Sahara Reporters, reported that Kyari’s main goal in using the word “Coordinator”, tagged in the President’s letter to the National Assembly, was to retain considerable power and influence around his office and person, most especially when the President is not around.It was also learnt that: ”Besides VP Osinbajo, Abba Kyari considers Ministers, such as Lai Mohammed, Babatunde Fashola, Rotimi Amaechi, Audu Ogbeh, Hadi Sirika, Malami, and Jumai Alhassan, as those he should cut off from the President”, a source said.“He was so furious in January, when the President was away for 50 days, because all the Ministers whose access to Mr. President he had tried to curtail, started getting approvals and access with the Acting President, very promptly”, one source said.Presidential sources further revealed that, Kyari has already asserted himself as the Acting President, by moving vital documents out of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo’s reach.“On more than one occasion, Kyari, put himself up to assignments that should have gone to a Minister, if the President and his Vice were not available”, sources noted.They cited a recent example of what happened last Sunday, when the 82 Chibok girls were released. Kyari, “took it upon himself to go and receive the girls, without informing the Women Affairs Minister, Jumai Alhassan, whose Ministry is responsible for everything pertaining to the Chibok girls, in the Buhari administration”, a government insider said.An official source who attended the reception, also said Kyari side-lined the media team of the President, and carried out official functions meant for the Vice President, and other appointees of Buhari.Regarding the reception for the freed Chibok girls, sources disclosed that the Information Minister, and the Women Affairs Minister, got wind of the event, and simply showed up to attend in spite of  Kyari’s “standoffishness”.